how it works

It’s simple.

You find a favorite photo or a few that you like. Try to get sharp close-ups with the expression that epitomizes the subject. Mail an original print, scan it or send digital images. If you send a selection and I can make the call on what will give the best result.

Choose the size you’d like: I work mostly 8×10 or 9×12, but can do 5×7 also and much larger if you like.

Prices for the drawings start at $95 plus postage.

Images with serious detail or more than one subject are slightly more.

The final product is a charcoal and pencil drawing that is 100% original and 100% done by me. By hand. Nothing digital. I will spray fix it but it’s fragile, so frame it behind glass ASAP.

Expect 1-2 weeks for delivery. Let me know if you have a deadline and I’ll of course try to accommodate your date.

Contact me for more information or other customization.

It’s not expensive to own original art!